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By Ms. Sara Miles

“I’ve been a fitness enthusiast my entire life, having memberships at virtually every big-name gym you can think of. While I’ve always been enthralled by the myriad amenities offered by these mega gyms, there was always something elusive missing. Despite working out regularly and hiring nearly 10 trainers over the years, I never quite achieved the body and fitness goals I aspired for. It dawned upon me that I was merely a ‘gym junkie’, hooked to the activity without seeing tangible results.

Then, I discovered Onebell Fitness, and it changed everything for me.

Onebell isn’t sprawling; it’s an intimate, private setup. What it lacks in size, it more than compensates with its commitment to individual clients. Right from the get-go, they were brutally honest about my body metrics, setting forth clear, high-expectation goals and maintaining strict accountability.

On my first day, I had a candid chat with the owner, Onebell. He minced no words, telling me I was ‘living in a dream’, addicted to the gym atmosphere rather than the results. His words struck a chord. “Wake the F up. Every day you’re getting older, not younger. It’s high time to get serious about your goals,” he told me. While it was a jolt, it was precisely the wake-up call I needed.

Since then, I’ve been on a transformative journey. I train in kickboxing with Gashford – who is relentlessly tough – and indulge in Pilates with JD, who I’ve grown incredibly fond of. In merely three weeks, I’ve lost 11lbs and feel more invigorated than ever.

In hindsight, I wish I’d known about Onebell Fitness sooner. Comparing it to giants like Equinox, Crunch Chelsea, and others, Onebell Fitness is undeniably the pinnacle of private gyms, especially in terms of genuinely understanding and catering to client needs. Their dedication to the individual surpasses the generic offerings of the bigger chains. If you’re serious about transformation and individualized attention, Onebell Fitness is the place to be.”

By Mr. Dino Mars

“My journey with Cam at Onebell Fitness has been nothing short of transformative. When I first walked into the gym, I was carrying not just physical weight but also the weight of lost confidence and a belief that I had lost faith in people.

Under Cam’s guidance, I not only shed 18 pounds of physical weight but also rediscovered the confidence I thought was gone forever. His personalized training approach was more than just exercise; it was a lifeline that helped me regain control of my life.

Losing weight was just the tip of the iceberg. Through Cam’s coaching, I found the courage to put myself out there again, both in the gym and in the dating world. It was as if he had given me a key to unlock a new chapter in my life.

But the impact went deeper. Training with Cam opened my eyes to the incredible strength within me. It made me realize that I can conquer physical challenges and push through mental barriers. His patience, dedication, and unwavering support were instrumental in my journey.

What surprised me most was the sense of community and support at Onebell Fitness. It’s not just a place to work out; it’s a place where people genuinely care about your well-being. The camaraderie among members, fostered by Cam and the team, is heartwarming and has renewed my faith in people.

Training with Cam has been a journey of self-discovery. It’s about taking one day at a time, one workout at a time, and one step at a time. I never imagined that a fitness journey could lead to such profound life changes. It’s funny how it all started with a decision to try personal training, and it turned out to be the catalyst for a transformation I never thought possible.

Cam and Onebell Fitness have not only helped me shed pounds but have also shown me the incredible strength of the human spirit. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to train with Cam and be part of this amazing fitness family.”

By Ms. Jasmin Miles

“Working with Gashford at Onebell Fitness has been a journey of self-discovery that I will forever cherish. When I first walked into the gym, I was short-tempered, overweight, and had a deep dislike for my own body. Gashford changed that around in ways I never imagined possible.

Gashford convinced me to try kickboxing and Muay Thai instead of my original plan of weight training, and it turned out to be the best decision I made all year. These martial arts disciplines not only helped me develop physical strength but also transformed me into a softer, more loving person.

I walked into the gym with frustration and self-doubt, and through Gashford’s patient guidance, I learned to channel my energy in a positive way. Kickboxing and Muay Thai became not just a form of exercise but a form of therapy. It allowed me to release pent-up emotions and find balance within myself.

Onebell Fitness is a priceless experience that I believe everyone should have. The people, from the trainers to the owner, share a common vision of changing lives through fitness. Their dedication to their clients is unwavering, and it creates an environment where transformation is not just physical but holistic.

Gashford, in particular, has my deepest gratitude for everything he did for me. Under his guidance, I not only shed 7% body fat but also became leaner, more toned, and, most importantly, happier. His encouragement and belief in my potential were instrumental in my journey.

This experience has been about more than just fitness; it’s been about discovering the strength inside and out. It’s about taking one day at a time, one punch at a time, and one stride at a time. Gashford and Onebell Fitness have shown me that fitness is not just about physical appearance but about personal growth, self-love, and embracing life with open arms.

I can’t thank Gashford and Onebell Fitness enough for the positive impact they’ve had on my life. They’ve not only transformed my body but also my perspective, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to be part of this incredible fitness family.”

By Mr. Kevin Correa

“Training with Martin at Onebell Fitness has been nothing short of a game-changer for me. I’ve struggled with laziness and being overweight for years, bouncing in and out of gyms and trying various trainers without much success. But something inside me told me to give it one last shot, to try something more personal and meaningful.

That’s when I discovered Onebell Fitness. From the moment I walked in for my first appointment, I knew I had found something special. The staff’s genuine connection and dedication to their clients were truly amazing, and I was instantly drawn to the atmosphere they created.

I decided to sign up with the owner of Onebell Fitness, who broke everything down in a way no gym ever had before. He cut through the excuses and told me it was time to stop the nonsense and make a real change, starting with myself. It was a wake-up call I desperately needed.

Then I met Martin, my trainer, who felt like a gift from above. Martin motivates me in every possible way, in every form and fashion. He possesses an unparalleled knowledge of fitness, and most importantly, he genuinely cares about my progress. He saw something in me that no other trainer could reach.

Thanks to Martin’s guidance, I’ve not only lost 21 pounds and started building muscle, but I’ve also experienced a mental transformation that was previously elusive. He reached the parts of my mind that needed rewiring, and he did it with compassion and dedication.

I can confidently say that Martin is a true trainer from the heart. If anyone is considering investing in their health and well-being, I would wholeheartedly recommend Martin and Onebell Fitness. Yes, it’s an investment, but it’s worth every single dollar. Training with Martin has not only transformed my body but has given me a renewed sense of purpose and self-belief that I never thought possible.”

By Ms. Leslie Harris

“I’ve been a member of OneBell Gym for over a year now, and I can confidently say it’s been a game-changer for my fitness journey. From the moment I walked through their doors, I knew I had found my fitness home.

What sets OneBell Gym apart is its exceptional staff and top-notch facilities. The trainers are not just knowledgeable but also incredibly motivating. They take the time to understand your goals and craft personalized workout plans that push you to achieve your best.

The gym itself is a fitness enthusiast’s dream come true. It’s spacious, well-equipped with the latest machines, and always spotlessly clean. Whether you’re into weightlifting, cardio, or group classes, OneBell Gym has it all. Plus, the atmosphere is so positive and encouraging; you can’t help but feel inspired to work harder.

One of the things I appreciate most is the sense of community at OneBell. You’re not just another member; you’re part of a supportive fitness family. The camaraderie here is truly special, and it makes every workout enjoyable.

In my time at OneBell Gym, I’ve achieved fitness goals I never thought possible. I’ve gained strength, improved my endurance, and transformed my overall health. But beyond the physical benefits, I’ve gained confidence, discipline, and a lifelong love for fitness.

If you’re searching for a gym that’s more than just a place to work out, OneBell Gym is the place to be. It’s not just a gym; it’s a community that will help you become the best version of yourself. I’m grateful every day that I found this incredible fitness haven.”

From Low Self-Esteem to Confidence - Mr. Greg Foster

“Before I discovered OneBell Gym, I was struggling not just with my fitness but with my self-esteem as well. I lacked confidence and often felt defeated by life’s challenges. Little did I know that this gym would become the catalyst for a profound transformation in my life.

When I first stepped into OneBell Gym, I was met with warmth and encouragement from both the trainers and the fellow members. They created a welcoming environment that made me feel like I belonged, even on my toughest days. It was the support system I had been yearning for.

I trained with OneBell the owner of OneBell fitness, played a pivotal role in my transformation. OneBell not only crafted a personalized workout plan but also served as a mentor and motivator. OneBell’s unwavering belief in me began to chip away at the low self-esteem that I have been carrying for years.

As the weeks turned into months, I started seeing changes, not just in my physical fitness but also in my confidence levels. The workouts were challenging, but they gave me a sense of accomplishment I had rarely felt before. Each small fitness milestone was a boost to my self-esteem.

But it wasn’t just the physical transformation; it was the mental and emotional growth that surprised me the most. The sense of discipline, resilience, and self-belief I gained at OneBell Gym spilled over into other areas of my life. I started to tackle challenges with newfound confidence and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Today, I can confidently say that training at OneBell Fitness didn’t just change my body; it changed my life. I’m no longer that person with low self-esteem; I’m someone who walks with their head held high. Training with OneBell gave me the tools, the support, and the confidence to become the best version of myself.

If you’re seeking not just a gym but a place that can transform your entire outlook on life, OneBell fitness is the place to be. It’s where I found my inner strength and my confidence, and I’m forever grateful for my life-changing journey.” I don’t want to confuse anyone, OneBell is my trainer and he is the owner of OneBell fitness, just for the clarity.

Weight Loss Transformation Testimonial: From 175lbs to 135lbs - Feeling Alive Again

“I can’t begin to express how my life has transformed since joining OneBell Fitness. My journey started when I was feeling overwhelmed by excess weight and the impact it had on my life. I weighed 175lbs and knew it was time for a change, but I had no idea where to begin.

One day, I decided to reach out to OneBell Fitness, and I had the privilege of speaking with the owner, One Bell. His words were a ray of hope when I needed it most. He spoke with tough love and told me that he had just the right trainer for me. I trusted his judgment, and that decision changed my life.

Meeting my trainer, Christina, was a turning point. I’ll admit, I initially thought my trainer would be a male, but Christina quickly proved that gender doesn’t define toughness. She’s as tough as nails and an incredible person to boot. Christina didn’t just focus on the physical; she psychologically fixed me up as well.

Christina and I embarked on a journey that was challenging but incredibly rewarding. She tailored workouts that pushed my limits and transformed my body. She didn’t just train my muscles; she trained my mind to believe in myself again.

Through sheer determination and with Christina’s unwavering support, I shed 40lbs, going from 175lbs to 135lbs. I not only regained my physical health but also my self-confidence. I felt alive again, ready to tackle life’s challenges with newfound vigor.

OneBell Fitness isn’t just a gym; it’s a place where dreams of transformation come true. I’m forever grateful to One Bell for his tough love and to Christina for being my guiding light. They’ve not only helped me lose weight; they’ve helped me find my strength and my zest for life.

I love this gym, and I’m so thankful that One Bell matched me with Christina. It’s where I discovered that with the right team and determination, anything is possible.”

Life-Changing Experience Testimonial: Jared’s Transformational Training

“My journey with Jared at OneBell Fitness has been nothing short of life-changing. I want to give a big shoutout to OneBell Fitness because everything you read online is spot on. It truly is a private gym that makes a real difference. These folks are not just passionate about training; they are obsessed with it.

First and foremost, I have to acknowledge One Bell, the owner. In just five minutes of sitting down with him, he knew exactly who I needed to train with. His insight and dedication are remarkable.

And then there’s Jared. I’ve trained with various trainers before, but Jared is in a league of his own. He not only understands me, but he also gets me. His knowledge is impressive, and he holds me accountable like no other. I feel bad if I ever let him down, but that’s the kind of accountability that has driven me to new heights.

Since training with Jared, I’ve gained an incredible 15 pounds of muscle, and my confidence has skyrocketed. It’s not just about how I look; it’s about how I feel. I take immense pride in being in the best shape of my life, and that’s all thanks to Jared’s dedication and guidance.

But what sets Jared apart isn’t just his training expertise; it’s his personality. He’s an amazing person through and through. If you need someone who’s patient yet pushes you hard, Jared is the guy you’re looking for.

Jared, you rock! Thank you for changing my perspective not only on training but also on how I handle things in life. You’ve been instrumental in my journey, and I can’t thank you enough for that.”

From Self-Doubt to Self-Belief: My Journey with Onebell Fitness
Client: Ms. Jennifer Smith

“Dealing with low self-esteem due to weight gain had been a relentless battle for me. Upon joining Onebell Fitness, I was 35lbs overweight and deeply entangled in a web of self-doubt and unhappiness. My confidence had hit rock bottom to the point where I had emotionally detached from myself, ceasing to find any form of self-love or mental peace. Despite my bitter experiences with fitness regimes, I decided to give it one more shot, albeit with a more personalized approach, steering clear from the large gyms that often felt impersonal and profit-driven.

Upon landing on Onebell Fitness’ website, I immediately sensed a distinctive vibe, a genuineness that was far removed from the hard-selling tactics I had encountered elsewhere. Taking the plunge, I booked an appointment, and thank God I did, as it turned out to be the best decision I ever made regarding my fitness journey.

Meeting with the owner of Onebell, was a life-altering experience. He was candid, motivational, and breathed a new wave of life and confidence in me. In our very first meeting, he was straight up, urged me to overcome my self-imposed barriers, and promised a new narrative awaiting me. He introduced me to Karl, a trainer whose methodology and hardcore regimen were exactly what I needed.

Karl is more than just a trainer; he’s a rejuvenator of self-belief. His approach is direct, demanding yet incredibly effective. He extracted a level of effort and determination from me that I didn’t know existed. Under his tutelage, I managed to shed 19 pounds, but more importantly, I rediscovered my self-belief and learned to love myself again, irrespective of my weight.

Now, I see fitness through a new lens, one that is focused on self-improvement and self-love rather than just numbers on a scale. Karl, and Onebell Fitness as a whole, didn’t just guide me towards a fitter body but instilled a sense of self-worth and belief that had been missing for a long time. My journey with Onebell Fitness has been nothing short of transformative, offering me a newfound perspective on fitness and self-love.”

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